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Today’s Laughing Yoga Lightearted Meditation


So what is Laughing Yoga?

In general, it’s the practice of developing a more flexible, open mind through humor. By exercising the your mind’s ability to perceive something as humorous, you can train the brain to see the world in a less pessimistic, less stressful, and less fearful way. Learn more about Laughing Yoga or just take a breath, laugh, and let go. *Make it a daily practice. So find the time to visit tomorrow for another, new, daily laughing yoga meditation.
Learn more about Laughing Yoga

Three Easy Steps

#1 Take a breath.

#2 Allow yourself to laugh at just one silly meditation.

#3 Then throughout the day, see how much of your stress is simply silly,  and  just let it go.

unholyskits-final-3DDo a Laughing Yoga Meditation Unplugged

Read our book of hilarious funny stories at a beach, in a park, in your room, and anywhere you want! 25 poorly conceived, ridiculously wrong, low-brow sketch comedy scenes. It’s the ultimate laughing yoga meditation challenge. If you can laugh at these, you can laugh at anything!

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My Hyena Laughing Yoga Philosophy

Laughing at least once a day can improve health, increase happiness, and provide peace of mind.   But too many humor websites are so cluttered with “stuff” that their pages can be stressful to visit. They also unconsciously train us to believe that our laughter is dependent on something funny outside of us. Our goal is to help people learn that laughter comes from within so that we can learn to live lightheartedly regardless of our external circumstances. Rather than wanting you to be on our site for hours browsing around for laughs, we have designed our site for you to easily and peacefully train your mind to think more humorously by only visiting us for one laughter session a day. It’s part of your training to just come once and then practice taking your lighthearted consciousness with you as you go about your daily grind.

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