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MyHyena.com is the premier online source for the healing power of humor. Our website has over 1 million hits and attracts thousands of visitors by providing a comedy podcast, humor health news, sketch comedy, and tons of not so funny jokes. Let us help you attract visitors through our website and podcast.

For all of the below plans, we’ll also mention you at the end of every podcast we do within the timeframe of your advertisement! Remember, these podcasts are syndicated all over the internet, and are continually replayed and reheard by users. Your ad may be heard FOREVER!

All Page Sidebar – $5/week
For only $5 your ad image and link will be on the sidebar of all the pages in our website for 7 consecutive days. You’ll get premium visibility, catching the eye of all of our visitors.

Official Show Sponsorship – $10/week
For only $10 a week, you’ll be an official sponsor of one of our podcasts. We will mention you at the beginning of the show and talk about you again during the show. We will also place a link to your page on our website. Specifically, it will be placed on our blog post for the show, and will be distributed to all of our subscribers.

Payment is accepted only through paypal. Send us your info below giving us a description of your advertisement, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Remember to look for us in your SPAM box.

What past clients are saying…

“Awesome job, did even more than they said they would do.” – polygrafix

“Thanks. Great Job.” – Cedrick

“Very great!” – opsio

“Excellent work! Would purchase again!” – HankNeedsALeaf

“Great stuff. Thank you :)” – rinkjustice

“Sponsorship mention was prominent at the beginning of the show and on the website post. Also, this job was completed promptly.” – ganotisholdings

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