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Practice laughing yoga anywhere with your headphones by listening the My Hyena Comedy gang as they share funny news, jokes, and humorous games.

(*For the Advanced PractitionerIf you can laugh at these, you can laugh at anything.)

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Funny Erectile Dysfunction Jokes on MH Comedy Podcast #271

Does ED (Erectile Dysfunction) make you laugh? Probably only if you don’t have to worry about it. Join the gang at the My Myhyena Humor Healing Hour as we share some erectile dysfunction humor. Let us help you stand taller in the face of adversity and make you stiffer when the going gets tougher. We share the week’s funniest news and lots of awesome erectile dysfunction jokes.

We dare you to laugh!

With training, you may one day be as
advanced as these laughing yoga masters…

“Great show!” – Bob Pawlowski

“This is my new favorite show…Okay, I gotta get CPR now.” – Mike Leuszler

“I was having such a terrible day, but these guys cheered me right up and by the end of the show I was laughing so hard I was crying! Laughing really is the best medicine, and these guys are so good at healing you!” – Gonewiththe_sin

“so wrong…omg.” – Aeroth

“I downloaded one of the broadcasts, Episode #83, and listened. I laughed so hard and so much, I had an need for more…This is an all out laugh fest, and if you miss it, you certainly have no sense of humor.” – darkGDI

“This is a laugh all time show, you guys ROCK!” – msjmb

“…without your knowing it, you’ll probable help people laugh their problems off!!!” – Bro. Eldon

“You’re funny-ish.” – Guest 4

For over seven years the My Hyena Humor Healing Hour comedy podcast attempted to entertain laughter masochists all over the world, recording a total of almost  300 shows! Checkout a few awfully produced samples below or browse, listen, and download any or all for FREE!

Funny Graduation Jokes on Comedy Podcast #290

It’s that time of year when many graduates head out into the world full of high expectations and empty pockets. Join us as we help lower their expectations and fill their pockets with tons of graduation jokes.

Funny Vacation Jokes on Comedy Podcast 289

Do you need a break? We certainly do! But there’s nothing we love more than giving you a humor break in the middle of your day. Take a listen as we share tone of vacation humor on our vacation jokes show.

Mother’s Day Jokes on MH Comedy Podcast #288

Give your tired mom (or yourself, for you tired mothers out there) a jolt of My Hyena humor. She deserves it! Join the gang as they celebrate mother’s day by sharing lots of funny news and funny mother’s day jokes on this week’s My Hyena Comedy Podcast!

Masters Golf Jokes on Comedy Podcast #287

Join the gang as they celebrate the Master’s with tons of golf jokes. Big Daddy shares the week’s weirdest news, the Dr. shares things said while playing golf that sound dirty but aren’t, and the Jackal battles Big Daddy with golf jokes on the Great American Joke-off.

Funny April Fools Jokes and Humor featuring Justin Bieber Kinda

Join the gang as they celebrate April Fools Day with foolish jokes and the week’s most foolish news. The trio play a foolish themed game of family feud and the Jackal entertains the listening audience by randomly rubbing his microphone to make it sound like the show is recorded on a windy day.