Laugh Your Way to a Better Vacation – Humor Health Tip

(courtesy of Chairman Moneko)

Summer is here. Many of us use this time to take a little break from our ordinary lives of work and stress. It’s called a vacation, but far to often our vacation becomes hard work. Rather than fun and relaxation we find ourselves suffering because there’s so much work that needs to go into planning and executing the “perfect” vacation.

My Hyena has a solution that uses a humorous approach to have a happier vacation.

1. Instead of focusing on the physical aspect of your vacation (where you are going, how you will get there), you may want to focus on the mental aspect of your vacation. Maybe focus on taking a break from the mental habits of worry and control that plague your ordinary life, and often seep into your vacation life. A great way to do this is to take on a humorous attitude towards whatever happens during your vacation. Be able to laugh when the luggage gets lost, or laugh when you spill a margarita on your pants, or laugh when your plane gets delayed. The laughter may lead to the mental break you’ve been looking for.

2. Do you best to try to fit humor as an actual event or stop on your vacation. If you’re traveling you may want to find the local comedy club or comedy theater troupe. If you’re trying to relax at a certain location, you may want to dedicate a few minutes each day to a funny book. A funny book at the beach might do you more good than a good umbrella decorated drink.

3. And of course, wherever you go, whatever you do, you can always find a mini-vacation by simply spending a few minutes each day listening to the My Hyena Humor Healing Hour – your instant vacation getaway.