Laughter the Best Medicine in Texas – Humor Healing News

Who says they don’t have a sense of humor in Texas? Checkout this article and find out how one Texas health clinic is advocating the healing power of humor to their patients.

By Janet St. James

There’s an old adage that says “laughter is the best medicine.” At least one North Texas health clinic believes in prescription laughter.

Laughter has long lifted spirits, but there is growing evidence that a giggle has true medicinal merit.

It raises the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and can even improve the immune system.

“This is about changing something,” explained pain medicine specialist Dr. Johnny White.

Several minutes of genuine belly laughter is even reputed to have an anesthetic effect. So doctors at the American Pain and Wellness clinic are now prescribing a monthly “laughter club.”

“It opens the sinuses and gets everything up there vibrating,” said Eric Post, a laughter yoga instructor. “It lifts you up and it fills you with joy.”

Whether a real chuckle or a fake guffaw, the effect on the body is the same.

“People don’t need to take as much pain medicine when they feel better,” Dr. White said.

And Post agrees. “Fake laughing does work,” he said. “It works because the body can’t tell whether it’s real or not.”

“Ho-ho-ho” or “ha-ha-ha,” believers in laughter medicine know there’s a better chance they won’t die laughing.