She’s So Hot…Boom! – Flight Of The Conchords

She’s So Hot…Boom!
Flight Of The Conchords
HBO One Night Stand

Oh my god, shes so hot
Shes so fucking hot, shes like a curry
I gotta tell her how hot she is
But if I tell her how hot she is shell think Im being sexist
Shes so hot, shes making me sexistbitch

I think I need a little bit of drums
I need just a little bit of mandolin

People in the room doing Boom like its never been done
Bust a move its just the click boom of a gun
In the Marquee in the bass is Booming
Someones smoking Boom in da back of da room
And its the first day of spring, the flowers are blooming
Drum Boom bass and the party is Booming
Boom ba Boom like a rocket taking off to da moon
Boom Boom go the bride and groom ahh

See ya shaking that Boom Boom
See ya looking at my Boom Boom
You want some Boom Boom
Its clear its Boom some Boom Boom ahh
Let me buy you a Boom Boom
You order a fancy Boom
You like Boom, I like Boom
Enough small Boom lets Boom the Boom ahh

So were driving in a Boom Boom
Driving, back to your Boom ba Boom
And you turn out the Boom Boom
And we Boom Boom Boom til the break of Boom
My boom is ringing its B-Boom Boom
Back from ten years in the Boom
And they said he got his Boom chopped off in the Boom
But the crazy Boom still wants to Boom, well
Sorry girl, I gotsta Boom
Give you a Boom in the afternoon and
Boom Boom baby, dont forget you the most Boom Boom I ever met.
A Boom Boom

Whos the Boom King?
Whos the Boom King?

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