Robots – Flight Of The Conchords (Lyrics)

Robots (The Humans Are Dead)
Flight Of The Conchords
Series One – Episode One – Sally

The distant future
The distant future
It is the distant future, the year 2000
We are robots
The world is very different ever since the robotic uprising of the mid-nineties,
There is no more unhappiness
We no longer say yes, instead we say affirmative
Yes, affirmative
Unless its a more colloquial situation With a few robo friends
There is only one type of dance, the robot
And the robo boogey
Oh yes, two kinds of dances.

Finally robotic beings rule the world
The humans are dead
The humans are dead
We used poisonous gases
And we poisened there asses
The humans are dead
He’s right they are dead
The humans are dead
They look like they’re dead
It had to be done
I’ll just confirm that they’re dead
So that we can have fun
Affirmative, I poked one it was dead.

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