Outlandish New Book Being Released April 1st Promises Humorous Path to World Peace

My Hyena Comedy will release new book of eclectic comedic tales on April Fool’s Day with the goal of saving the world one chuckle at a time

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 28, 2014  — Saving the world is usually no laughing matter. But the members of My Hyena Comedy believe the opposite is true.

For over ten years, My Hyena Comedy has been on a mission to make the world a better place by sharing their quirky, and often juvenile, sense of humor with others through their infamous podcast and website (MyHyena.com). This April Fool’s Day they’re promoting the healing power of humor through the release of their new paperback book “unHOLY SKITS! Politicians, Prostitutes, and Kinky Koalas” ($14.95).

unHoly Skits! “Is it silly for us to think that that we can save the world with a book of corny comedic stories and short punny plays?” asks the Northern California troupe member known as Big Daddy. “No. So many people live in a constant state of stress and dissatisfaction. Humor doesn’t just provide a reprieve, it strengthens the muscles needed for resiliency and obtaining more positive perspectives.”

Though the book is primarily comprised of 25 short comedic skits first performed on their comedy podcast, The My Hyena Humor Healing Hour, the troupe says it’s not just for actors and theater groups.

As Arizona My Hyena member The Jackal explains, “The play format is just an easy way for readers to digest our humor. It’s all really tongue-and-cheek, and we hope people use our skits as daily humor meditations. Train your brain to laugh at least once a day and learn to live happy for a lifetime…or something like that.”

With skits ranging from the nice (Comedic Presidential Campaign StrategiesThe Last Honest Driver) to the naughty (Dr. SexalotThe Dirty DentistCircumcision Gone South), My Hyena believes that all readers can find something in the book to give their funny bones a workout.

“unHOLY SKITS! Politicians, Prostitutes, and Kinky Koalas” has earned advanced praise for its laugh-inducing comedy sketches.

According to Chris Satchwell, editor and chief at TheHumorBlog.com, “‘unHOLY SKITS!’ is a cracking collection of short stories that require you to fire up your laughing gear and prepare for the hilarious endings!”

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon: www.amzn.com/0984223975. More information about the author can be found at www.myhyena.com.

To schedule an interview with My Hyena Comedy or to request a review copy of “unHOLY SKITS! Politicians, Prostitutes, and Kinky Koalas,” please contact the publicist Allan Guerra at aguerra@hyenapress.com.

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