Laughing Yoga to be New Emphasis for Popular Humor Website plans to reorganize content to teach visitors how to use the practice of Laughing Yoga (not to be confused with Laughter Yoga) to live happier, more well-balanced lives

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Sep. 9, 2013 – SUNNYVALE, Calif. — For the folks at, sex jokes and fart videos are not just a trivial laughing matter, but a way of living a more well-balanced life. For over ten years the website has shared humorous material with the goal of helping others, believing that laughter really is the best medicine. Now they are redesigning their site, introducing a new Laughing Yoga practice that they hope will be the happiness equivalent of a potent exercise program.

myhyenalogo“So many people have a painfully stressful existence. They are in need of finding more balance and joy in their lives, but they spend little time doing the right things to achieve that. Based on recent scientific studies, we’ve decided to give people a way to “practice” well-being and joy. Just as people build muscle and trim fat with exercise routines, we have a simple, fun, and easy way to build their happiness muscles through what we call Laughing Yoga.”

Throughout the month of September, plans to redesign their site towards the practice of Laughing Yoga while still keeping all their jokes, funny video clips, and comedy podcasts available to visitors. has already published a blog post describing the practice and philosophy of Laughing Yoga (, but believes it is simple enough for everyone to begin right now.

“At its core, Laughing Yoga is simply the practice of trying to see humor in the world. It’s not Laughter Yoga, where traditionally people meet in groups to laugh and take advantage of the benefits of physically laughing. With Laughing Yoga, people condition themselves to rewire their brain to see the world in a more healthy way simply by taking time each day to experience the funny side of life and to think lightheartedly.”

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