Linsanity and Presidents Day Jokes Podcast – Best Comedy Podcast #243

As you can tell by our feature image, even President Lincoln was a fan of listening to the My Hyena Humor Healing Hour (or he was listening to a Knicks radio broadcast in order to stay on top of Linsanity)! The history books say he listened to us ever day to keep his wits sharp and his stress down. However he listened most intently during President’s Day Weekend!

That’s right. Celebrate this President’s Day by busting out the boom box and listening to the My Hyena Humor Healing Hour President’s Day Party in a Podcast. Big Daddy shares the week’s funniest news and the good Dr. leads a one-man, President’s Day themed game of Family Feud! We also share Letterman’s hilarious bad Jeremy Lin puns and tons of President’s Day jokes.


Download or listen below: