Healing Power of Humor Hits Korea

It’s global folks. Comedy cures are now invading Korea….South Korea. But still, it’s a great start! Checkout this great article on how Korea is implementing the healing power of humor.

At one point, those in attendance cheered and clapped to the song “Mamma Mia” from the Swedish pop group ABBA. Later, Bae Ki-hyo, a professor at Daegu Health College, sauntered up to the podium to give a speech while wearing goofy glasses.

It turns out medical professional in Korea are gathering to learn more about how to implement this foreign, yet familiar, form of therapy.

This obviously isn’t your typical everyday medical group.The organization, called the Korea Laughter Clinic Academy, was founded to prove and promote the efficacy of so-called “laughter therapy,” which centers on using humor as a healing method.

Read more about it at the JoongAng Daily News.