Humor Healing Hour #28 Comedy Podcast: Laxative Doughnuts, Grandma in Toilet, Easter Jokes

Comedy Cure: My Hyena Humor Healing Hour #28 MP3

My Hyena Humor Healing Hour. This week in our comedy podcast… Funny news on “This Wacky World” (0:00) – Laxative Doughnuts, Dirty Dentists, Crappy Landings, and Private Eye Grandma. Life’s daily grind on “Jibber Jabber” (21:34) – Jackal’s problem, our MySpace page, snorting food bits, Easter Egg Hunt 1-liners, and Big Daddy’s funny DVD and funny Book recommendations. A healing power of humor Humor Health Tip (43:00) – Comedy Cures The Movie. Funny Jokes on the Great American Joke-off (46:25) – Easter jokes.

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