Review: I Love You More Than You Know by Jonathan Ames

By Matt Harvey

It is the rare writer who can successfully blend honest essays full of
introspective truth with detailed episodes of perversion. Jonathan Ames is that
writer. This collection of essays by Ames will often amuse, and possibly shock,
readers with its frank discussion of learning to live with, and within, one’s desires
and dreams; including the shame that may at times go with them.

_____The essays cover Ames’ humorous slants on widely varying topics, including
parent/child relationships, low to non-existent self-esteem, coping with life through
sexual escapades, and of course his self-proclaimed “bread and butter”, all matters
scatological (poop jokes). A blurb quote on the cover proclaims, “An edgier David
Sedaris.” This may be true, but he is also more willing to bare his soul to his
readers. A brave man indeed.’s Pick of the Best Essays of the Bunch:

— Everybody Dies in Memphis
— Self Sentenced: My Life as a Writer the Last Few Years
— I Love You More Than You Know
— No Contact, Asshole!

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I Love You More Than You Know by Jonathan Ames